League Information
Match Sheets To Be Sent To
League Meetings
Mrs Sue Kingdon
23 Nightingale Ave
Birmingham B36 0RT
1. 1. A committee elected at the A.G.M shall conduct the business of the league.   1. 2. A team consist of a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 12 players, Each Match consists of 7 singles and 2 doubles games, all games to be played the best of 3 legs 501 double in double out doubles must be put down at the beginning of the game. 1. 3. A player may be told what is left but not what doubles is required, 1 marker and 1 checker in a match no one else should be involved in the match and checkers say is final. 1. 4. Matches shall start at 8.45 prompt. The team selection and signing of the match sheet shall be completed by 8.40pm. 1. 5. The home Secretary is responsible for the match sheet which must be signed by both secretaries and returned to the league secretary within 4 days otherwise a fine of £3.00 will be imposed. 1. 6. In the event of a team failing to turn up on the night of the match, the match will be awarded 5-0 and 10 legs to their opponents unless a representative of the team turns up at the venue and re-arranges a match it is however left to the discretion of the offended team whether to claim the match 5-0 or re-arrange it. 1. 7. Any Team not having a member at a league meeting shall be fined £5.00 payable at the next meeting; Teams are allowed one apology per season. 1. 8. No player shall be permitted to play for more than one team per season a fine of £10.00 will apply to anyone breaking this rule and will not be allowed to play in the league till such fine has been paid. 1. 9. Should a team retire from the league all games they have played shall count as 5-4 to their opponents all remaining games shall be awarded 5-0 to their opponents. 1. 10. If a team drop out of the league still owing fees or fines the defaulting team players may sign for another team before the half way stage of the season providing any outstanding money is divided by the number of players in the defaulting team and each player to then pay the said sum before he/she can play in the league again. 1. 11. Registered secretaries only shall be eligible play and must be named at the beginning of the season and cannot be changed. 1. 12. Any protest must be sent to the match secretary in writing within four days of the match in question. 1. 13. There shall be a fee of £1.00 per player for entry in to singles doubles and mixed doubles. 1. 14.The foregoing rules shall be strictly enforced and ignorance of them will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them. The league secretary must receive any new proposals in writing a minimum of 7 days prior to the A.G.M.
1. 15. The committee shall have all powers to deal with any matters that may arise which are not covered by the foregoing rules. 1. 16. A team is not permitted to include more than 3 Argus or county players in any one game at any one time. 1. 17. Players must have played in or been named reserve in half of the games before being able to play in a semi or final of a cup this will prevent teams from calling players in for cup games. 1. 18. All players must be registered with the league to be able to play in the singles or doubles except in mixed doubles where u may sign a male or female as long as one is registered and the player signed for this purpose must not be attached to bdo or pdc at any level. 1. 19. The Pairs cup is played as 5 pairs all 3 legs to be played and counted e.g to a total of 15, Should a team be short up to 2 players may be drawn but must not play together and no other registered players from that team must be present and not be played the players there must play before any other players are drawn. 1. 20. Teams must give 24 hours notice to cancel a game. 1. 21. Any team failing to turn up to a game without prior notice will be fined £10.00 for every game not played or rearranged. 1. 22 .Any player who is suspended for aggressive behaviour will have 14 days to appeal before any committee decision is taken. 1. 23 .These rules can only be changed at an A.G.M and the committee’s decision will be final in all matters not covered by these rules.                    24. Please read these rules carefully and let common sense prevail
                     Forest of Arden Darts League Rules        
1. Each team will consist of 7 singles and     2 doubles
2. All games to be played best of 3 x 501 straight     start double finish
3. Singles and doubles competitions will be 501     straight start double finish
4. All sections on the sheet MUST be filled out     and all players signed
5. The opposing team captain must choose the     player of the match for the opposing team
This makes it fair
       13th June 2018       8th August 2018 3rd October 2018 (AGM)